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Real Chemistry

Titanium is, in a way, real life Adamantine. It is stronger than steel, doesn't really oxidise, and can be bonded with human bone - in a similar way to Wolverine in X-Men.

Aluminum is a metal with unique properties - it forms a layer one atom thick upon oxidising, which protects it from any further oxidisation. It is expensive to manufacture, so it is a good idea to recycle it! It is useful in a wide variety of products and industries.

Witches claim to have known, long before Alexander Fleming, about Penicillin.

Lignum Vitae is a rare wood that is supposed to have incredible healing properties. This can be called "magic" but in reality it is because of the: physical; biological, chemical & medicinal properties of the wood.

Furthermore, the properties of real Lignum Vitae mean that it sinks in water, whereas any other wood would float.. video proof coming soon.