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Real Life Wands

How does one define a "Magic Wand"?

From a certain point of view, one could define a magic wand as a portable device which can be used to do extraordinary things.

Good Wands & Bad Wands?

Based on the above, a smartphone, generally speaking, is a constructive wand.

Have you ever played the videogame Final Fantasy VII? Have you ever considered the correlations between a piece of armor and a smartphone, and between Materia and smartphone Apps?

This is a bit specific as most people haven't played the game, but take the example of a Summon Materia equipped to a piece of armor in the game, and a taxi app installed on a phone. Both the Summon Materia and the app can be used to "summon" help of one type or another - whether a virtual summoned monster or a taxi...

A Lightsaber, generally speaking, is a destructive wand.

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Real Wands

Parents' approval, where possible

Alivans - Not quite Ollivanders, but close.

Merlin's Realm

Whirlwood Wands

Willow Root Wands


Natural Wands

I'll be honest, I don't really understand how to use these "magic wands". It makes sense to me that they can be powerful in the same way an antenna is powerful, and willpower would seem to come into it; but really, I still don't quite get it.

Magic Jewellery


Marty Magic

Magical Omaha


Spirited Enterprise

High Quality perfumes, oils etc.

Natural Magick Shop

Interesting Reading

Early Jewish Writings

Early Christian Writings


Spells of Magic

And finally...

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